Suatengco vs Reyes

February 10, 2019 | Author: Lindsay Mills | Category: Attorney's Fee, Lawsuit, Lawyer, Judiciaries, Virtue
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SOLEDAD LEONOR PEA SUATENGCO and ANTONIO ESTEBAN SUATENGCO, Complainants vs. CARMENCITA O. REYES, Rspondnt. G.R. No. !"#$#% D&m'( !$, #))* +a&ts This is an action for Sum of Money with Damages filed by Carmencita O. Reyes against defendants [petitioners] Spouses Soledad eonor !ea and  "ntonio #steban Suatengco$ wherein plaintiff %respondent& claimed that sometime in the first 'uarter of ())*$ defendant Syl+ia %Soledad& approached her for the purpos purpose e of borrowi borrowing ng a sum of money money in order order to pay her  obligation to !hilippine !hosphate ,ertili-er Corporation %!hil!hos&. On May ($ ())*$ plaintiff paid !hilphos the amount of!($/$(.00 and by reason thereof defendants Spouses Syl+ia %Soledad& and "ntonio e1ecuted on 2une 3*$ ())* a !romissory 4ote binding themsel+es 5ointly and se+erally to pay plaintiff the said amount in ( monthly installments beginning beginning 2une 0$ ())*.

On Octob October er 3)$ 300$ 300$ the C" promul promulgat gated ed a decisi decision on affir affirmin ming g with with modification the trial courts decision. ;t upheld the award of attorneys fees e'ui+alent to 30: of the balance of petitioners obligation and modified the decision of the trial court by lowering the award of moral damages from One Mill Millio ion n !eso !esos s %!($0 %!($000 00$0 $000 00.0 .00& 0& to Two Two =und =undre red d Thou Thousa sand nd !eso !esos s %!300$000.00&. Dispositi+ely$ Dispositi+ely$ the decision reads> !etitioners mo+ed for the reconsideration of the C"s decision$ but the same was denied. Iss- ?hether Iss- ?hether or not the C" erred in affirming the award of attorney
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