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February 10, 2019 | Author: georgeinpune | Category: Planets In Astrology, Hindu Astrology, Pseudoscience, Ancient Astronomy, Occult
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Intr&d,cti&n" Since the topic of the day is related to “Medical astrology” hence I will restrict this article for the medical astrology purpose only. Before moving on proper subject I would like to highlight the Marvels f !edic "strology in foretelling# well in advance# that when an individual is likely to suffer from a specific disease provided an accurate horoscope is provided and ample time is given to the astrologer to do the home work. $he most significant point to remember here is that when a native is warned well in advance that he or she is going to suffer from a specific type of disease# one can take the precautionary measure before the time one is going to suffer.

$o pinpoint the area of affliction an astrologer re%uires great skill# proper knowledge of subject# diligence and sincerity on the part of astrologer as well as consultant. $o pinpoint a specific disease one is going to suffer from and that too well in advance is not possible for a well versed physician or a renowned surgeon even. " medical specialist can arrive at the final conclusion only after the disease has struck and patient comes with some problem and after that he or she is re%uired to undergo a series of various types of medical tests but and eminent astrologer who is well conversant with astrology has the ability to forewarn about it well in advance by going through the horoscope and using his&her skills. 'ow we shall discuss the parameters re%uired to decipher a horoscope and these will be discussed step by step.

-% La$na and La$na L&rd $he most important house in any chart&horoscope is the (st house or the lagna along with lagna lord. $hus (st house or the lagna is the foundation of any horoscope which withstands the impact of all the remaining (( houses. )ence it is a boon to have a strong lagna and lagna lord. $he first house of an horoscope is known as ascendant or the lagna. It is further termed as “$anu Bhava” since it depicts the personality and all about the well being of any native. *ach house of a horoscope signify so many things but as earlier stated that this paper is meant for medical astrology we shall restrict our self to the body parts as indicated by various houses and that too in a short form and these are as under+

,irst )ouse + Body in general# head# brain and comple-ion. Second )ouse+  ,ace# Mouth# $eeth# Speech# ight eye in case of male and left eye in case of females. $hird )ouse+ $hroat# ight ear# 'eck# Shoulders# ight arm etc. ,ourth )ouse + /hest# 0ungs and Breast. ,ifth )ouse+ 1pper abdomen# )eat and Mind. Si-th )ouse+ Midgut# 0ower abdomen# 2idneys etc. Seventh )ouse+ 1mbilical region# 3elvis# Internal urinary tract. *ighth )ouse+ *-ternal 4enitalia# ectum etc. 'inth )ouse+ )ip 5oint and $highs. $enth )ouse+ 2nee joint and 3atella. *leventh )ouse+ 0egs# 0eft ear and 0eft arm $welfth )ouse+  ,eet# left eye in case of males and right eye in case of females etc. $his is a shorter form of list of various body parts. "s a matter of astrological principles the house which contains its own lord and lord of lagna that house as well as the body parts as indicated by that house remain intact and healthy.

.%/AVAMS0A" 'avamsha is one of the most important divisional chart. It is one ninth division of lagna and planets as well. Since the span of one navamsha is e%uivalent 6789: which is e-actly e%ual to one %uarter of a nakshatra. Because of nakshatra;s importance in predictive astrology# navamasha is e%ually important due to its span of its e-tension arc is just e%uivalent to one %uarter&charan of nakshatra. 'avamsha chart is most important amongst all the divisional charts hence it has been always advocated that a natal chart should always be studied along with the navamsha chart. ,or medical astrology purpose th house from the natal Moon# however some classics advocate that th 5anuary 899 and it was subHsub period of ahu the native felt some problem with his vision. n visiting to a highly %ualified eye specialist and after undergoing so many tests it was finally declared that the native is suffering from serious eye trouble. )e is still under medication. IMPORTA/T"  "strology can warn well in advance about the outcome of calamities whereas this is not possible in medical science. Minor ailments can be cured by remedial measure. But in case of major ailments if the concerned person pays heed to the advice of astrologer one can get relief.

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